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Get the Movie Theatre Experience Without Leaving Your House

Leave your home theatre installation and home theatre design to our team if you're in Woodbury, Newburgh or Middletown, NY.

You're in the mood for movie night, but the idea of spending $50 to sit in a crowded theatre isn't appealing. Instead of going to the movies, hire ProWorks Interiors to convert your basement into the ultimate theatre. We'll create a custom home theatre design that matches your style and fits your budget.

Hire us to handle every step of your home theatre installation in Woodbury, Newburgh or Middletown, NY, from designing your space to putting on the finishing touches. We look forward to installing your carpet, risers, acoustic materials, projector and speakers.

Before your kids' next sleepover or your next date night, turn your basement into a theatre. Call 845-234-3329 now to schedule a consultation.

Design a home theatre that's functional and cozy

Ready to experience movie night like never before? Reach out to us for home theatre installation services. You'll have the perfect setup to enjoy your favorite:

  • Romcoms - snuggle with your significant other on cushy seating
  • Mysteries - make sure you're set up to spot clues clearly on your big projector
  • Action movies - hear every car chase and explosion in crystal clear surround sound
Need a snack or bathroom break between movies? We'll build a bathroom, kitchen or bar in your space.

Discuss your home theatre design ideas with a member of our staff today.